Resto 13 Lauda

restaurant in Tallinn
11.00 – 22.00
12.00 – 22.00 (Sat - Sun)

About us

A cozy restaurant in Telliskivi with an exciting interior and an inspiring atmosphere, where food prepared with joy and love and caring service, delicious a`la carte and refreshing daily specials, evenings with live music and events.

Free parking in front of the house.

In summer, it is also pleasant to have lunch here on the outdoor terrace.
High chairs and a children's menu are available for children.



Boeuf à la tartar
Beef, marinated cucumber, chili pepper, onion
French fries portobello
Bbreaded portobelio, vegeterian mayonaise
Pancakes with red caviar
Ppancakes, red caviar, sour cream sauce
Blue d'Auvergne, Exellentia old Gouda, ripe goat cheese,
apricot jam, pickled olives
Italian speck snack
Speck, Exellentia old Gouda

Main dish

Filet "mignon" with red wine sause flambeed vegetables
Beef tenderlion, zucchini, sweet pepper, leek
Duck breast fillet with blackuraant red wine sauce and baked vegetables
Duck brest fillet, carrot, beet, leek
Asian style salmon filletwith Unagi sauce and marinated vegetables
Salmon fillet, sweet pepper, leek, zucchini
Corned chicken fillet with BBA glaze, BBA- orange sause and grilled vegatables
Comed chicken fillet,sweet pepper, zucchini
Resto 13 Lauda Burger
Homemade beef cutlet and Brioche bun, smoked chees,
marinated cucumber, tomato
Steamed broccoli with cashew sause
Broccoli, cashew sause

For kids

Creamy chicken pasta
Tagliatelle, chicken brest, cheese
Sausages with hand-cut fries and baked vegetables

Sausages with hand-cut fries, carrot, beet, leek


Pancakes with jam
Pancakes, jam
"San Sebastian" cheesecake
Homemade cheescake, toormoos
Resto 13 Lauda ice cream
Homemaae ice cream, jam


Ramen soup with chicken
Hohomemaae broth, ramen noodles, marinated egg, chicken
Marseille fish soup
Homemade broth, shrimps, salmon fillet, mussels, vegetables


Creamy salmon pasta with broccoli
Salmon, tagliatelle, red onion, broccoli
Creamy chicken pasta with chanterelles
Chicken brest, tagliatelle, red onion, chanterelles


"Caesar" salad with chicken brest, shrimps or salmon
Romano salad, cherry tomato, freshly grated hard chees, sauce
Quinoa cherry tomato salad
Quinoa, cherry tomato, Romano salad, vegeterian sauce


Homemade french frise potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Fresh salad

Nostalgia menu (37€)

- ham rolls with smoked cheese
- meat platter (tongue, mustard sauce, green peas, smoked sausage, and ham)
- stuffed eggs
- herring bites with torpedo and blackcurrant salad
- pickles with horseradish sauce, pickled mushrooms
- potato salad
Main course
- roast pork with sauerkraut and oven-baked potatoes

- house Napoleon cake

Banquet menu 1 (42€)

- parmesan baskets with salmon and cream cheese filling
- chicken roulade with chanterelles
- beef snack a'la burger
- baskets with shrimp-avocado filling
- pancake pouches with beef pâté

- Caesar salad with chicken
- goat cheese salad
Main course
- rabbit roulade with sun-dried tomatoes
- nile perch fillet in citrus marinade
Side Dish
- potato gratin
- ricotta cream cheese cake with white chocolate and blueberries

Banquet menu 2 (47€)

- mackerel tartare
- pickles with horseradish and sour cream sauce
- salmon Napoleon cake
- pork tenderloin roulade with black truffle
- dried duck breast
- smoked chicken salad
- potato and meat salad
Main course
- duck fillet with cherry sauce
- salmon fillet with béchamel sauce
Side dish
- grilled potatoes
- chocolate brownie cake


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